Things I’ve Read

This is where I keep track of things I have read, so that I can easily find them to reference.

Recently Added:

The Moral Dimensions of Empathy: Limits and Applications in Ethical Theory and Practice
Julinna C. Oxley

Meta-Milgram: An Empirical Synthesis of the Obedience Experiments
Nick Haslam Steve Loughnan Gina Perry

PLOS ONE Vol. 9, Issue 4

April 1, 2014

fMRI evidence of hot-cold empathy gap in hypothetical and real aversion choices
Min J. Kang Colin F. Camerer

Frontiers in Neuroscience Vol 7, Article 104

June 10, 2013

Empathy-Induced Altruistic Motivation
C. Daniel Batson

Draft of lecture/chapter for Inaugural Herzliya Symposium on "Prosocial Motives, Emotions, and Behavior"

March 28, 2008

Maximum information entropy: a foundation for ecological theory
John Harte Erica A. Newman

Trends in Ecology and Evolution, July 2014 Vol. 29, No. 7

Virtue Ethics
Rosalind Hursthouse Glen Pettigrove

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Grammatical constructions, frame structure, and metonymy: Their contributions to metaphor computation
Elise Stickles Oana David Eve Sweetser

Immorality From Empathy-Induced Altruism: When Compassion and Justice Conflict
C. Daniel Batson Tricia R. Klein Lori Highberger Laura L. Shaw

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
1995, Vol 68, No 6, 1042-1054

January 1, 1995

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy- Empathy
Karsten Stueber

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

February 13, 2013

Empathy and Sympathy in Ethics

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The empathic brain and its dysfunction in psychiatric populations: implications for intervention across different clinical conditions
Jean Decety, Yoshiya Moriguchi

BioPsycosSocial Medicine 2007 1:22

November 16, 2007

The Priority Heuristic: Making Choices without Trade-offs
Eduard Brandst├Ątter Gerd Gigerenzer Ralph Hertwig

Chapter 7 (153-184)
Heuristics The Foundations of Adaptive Behavior
Edited by Gerd Gigerenzer, Ralph Hetwig, Thorsten Pachur

January 1, 2011