Grammatical constructions, frame structures and metonymy

Abstract: In conceptual metaphor theory, mapping between source and target frames entail relations between roles within these frames. However, the contributing function of metonymic relations between frame roles and type constraints on those roles – e.g., whether the role is a type of Entity or Process – must also be established. These metonymic links and type constraints enable metaphoric conceptualization, as does the particular frame structure of the metaphor’s target and source domains. In this paper we use computational implementations of ontological structures developed in Embodied Construction Grammar and our own constructed metaphor repository to explore these relationships. We demonstrate that both role-to-role metonymic relations and type constraints on the roles are important in generating the correct metaphoric interpretations. In this way, the formal treatment of frame-internal and frame-to-frame mappings is brought to the fore in metaphor analysis.

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Grammatical constructions, frame structure, and metonymy: Their contributions to metaphor computation
Elise Stickles, Oana David, Eve Sweetser